True to their words..staple make-up

I've used these products for many years and have never looked back.
From Left:
  • Lancome Amplicils waterproof mascara.(Not only do they make your eyelashes look fuller, it also won't budge when your in the water (rhyming unintentional :p).
  • Yves Saint Laurent Concealer (Covers dark under eyes etc..smoothly and so easily)
  • Yves Saint Laurent lipstick (I love this line of lipstick. It has SPF protection, moisturizer and stays on longer than your average lipstick (in comparison to Chanel, Dior I could make a list of the lipsticks I have, this one is my 'it' lipstick :p)
  • Clinique blemish concealer (excellent for covering and at the same time ridding you of the pimply blemish)
  • Body shop lip balm (I love this lip balm, SPF and vitamin E)

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