Mind chatter, New additions

It's been awhile since my last written entry, and I must say a lot has happened since then. I came to Australia for my holiday/rest and it's lifted my spirit. I'm so glad that I chose to spend winter away from Japan because I know it would have made my state of mind, and my mood a lot worse. Being in a hot/warm climate, being with friends and family has really improved my health and sanity! In consequence though,  I had to leave my son in Japan (with his father), which has been very difficult for me, but more so for him. However, the time has flown by so quickly (2mnths have gone by already), and I will see him again next week!!Yey! I am happy to have my little family together again, and somewhat glad to have a little support back. My stay hasn't been completely stress free, the situation with my parents have been quite frustrating, so I am looking forward to their arrival. Although, their arrival will mark my final month here in Australia then back home to Japan again, and to be honest, I am not looking forward to going back. Australia is my home, and if there was a way to stay here permanently I would in a heart beat, unfortunately it's not possible at this present. I'll just have to be patient and put my trust in God, and wait out the time. I will cherish the memory of having spent 3mnths here with my baby girl, she has grown and learnt so much which has amazed and amused me endlessly. I have purchased so many cute clothes for her-LOL. It's so much more exciting (cuter), than buying boys clothes!! As for me,I haven't bought so much since I've been back here- 2 pairs of shoes, some items of clothing, and some good finds from the op shop. I always try to document my purchases so here are some, (the rest I will do in Japan, when I feel motivated :P)

Sales find
(Current/Elliot pants, Steven Alan shirt, APC shirt, Leather loafers and sandals)

On rotation:24-2/10/13

(Celine vintage box bag, Diana(JP) shoes, Uniqlo jeans&shortsleeve shirt, Rope'Picnic(JP) skurt, Muji wool/silk blend cardigan)

It's been a while since I've done an 'on rotation' post. Today, I had the time, patience, and motivation to compile one partly because of the weather being pleasant,  and inspiring me to be more "creative" when it comes to putting an attire together. Also, my phone broke so I replaced it with an iphone5, and I thought what better time to try the camera with an 'on rotation' post. Unfortunately, not very happy with the result. I'm not sure if it's because of my shaky hand, the lighting or just the camera in general. I'll keep trying. Hopefully it's just me, not the camera. I'ts so much easier to use than the DSLR. We shall see.

Coveting: for Autumn

Wardrobe building: Autumn/Winter capsule wardrobe

I find myself having less and less time to consider what to wear when I go out, and because of this I have become unmotivated when it comes to creating an outfit, which consequently makes me feel lazy and lazier about dressing. In addition, I have found myself wanting to purchase more and more (fast fashion and thrifted) clothing because of the annoying-nagging feeling I have of "having nothing to wear", which I know to be contrary. I don't want to have this feeling of wanting more because I "have nothing to wear", I want to utilise all the contents in my wardrobe, and minimise/quench my need to buy something and waste money on something I deem redundant in the future. I want to save what I spend on fast fashion on something that I trully appreciate and will last me a long time. Thanks to Annuchka from intomind, and her posts on wardrobe building/structure I was able to curate and organise my wardrobe using her methods, and now I feel satisfied that I will be able to utilise and be more appreciative of the current contents in my wardrobe, minus the nagging feeling of having nothing to wear, or the need to purchase in order to feel an imaginative gap.

Here are the steps that I used from intomind to build and define my style for the current and upcoming season. I was able to achieve this by reading her posts on: Colour analysis part 1: finding your typeBuilding a capsule wardrobe 101, Method dressing, and Building a wardrobe of basic and statement pieces.

For the upcoming season I concluded that the following  factors are what I need to consider when creating my own style, or curating an outfit.
Colours: Deep, cool tones from the colour me beautiful theory based on the colours from the four seasons (previous post).
Concept: Simple, minimal, edgy, layered, slightly masculine
Uniform/Signature look:  shirts, tops, light knits, blazers/Jackets, leather jacket, skinny jeans/pants, brogues, ankle boots (Adding up to 20-30 pieces)

Defining my personal style
Cull items that do not fit into the following approach
Modular approach: 
- Curate items of clothing that have similar style
- Every top should go with every bottom
- Consistent colour scheme in each wardrobe category
- Harmonious shades, textures and patterns (etc.)
Uniform approach (signature look):
- Have several versions of the same item
- One specific proportion of two or more items

Dividing my items into categories
Basic items:
- Jeans/Pants
-Long sleeve shirts
-Plain tops
-Plain cotton mid-length shorts
-Plain cotton, and light knit cardigans
Mid-range items
-Button down shirts
-Cigarette pants/trousers
-Printed Ts
Statement pieces
- Silk shirts
- Dresses
- Dress pants
- Accessories: bags, shoes, belts and jewelry.

This exercise has really helped me organise my wardrobe (and my mind), and I am now looking forward to reorganising my clothes. I'm going to always refer to this process for each season to assist me in being consistent with my style (+ lifestyle), and to avoid that nagging feeling of nothing to wear (that results in more spending), and to keep the contents of my wardrobe to a minimal. Thank you intomind.

Wardrobe building: Colour palette


Color Me Beautiful typology (based on 12 instead of 4 types)

Deep: You are either a deep Autumn or a deep Winter.You have dark brown or black hair and deep brown, green or hazel eyes. You look amazing in the deep, vivid shades of your palette, e.g. deep terracotta (Autumn) or black (Winter).
(Source: intomind.com)

Coveting: black shirt

A perfect black shirt!

Closet contents: Shirts

(Witchery cotton denim shirt, Margaret Howell, Uniqlo, Lepsim, Uniqlox2, Margaret Howellx3, random boutique shirt)

I have seen quite a lot of lovely shirt photos on blogs/tumblers which have inspired me to do one of my own. The shirt contents in my closet have grown quite a lot in the past two years or so, mainly due to the influences of bloggers I follow, and my decision to streamline my style by keeping it more simple. I have always had a thing for shirts, I remember back in highschool I went through the 'grungy' and 'hippy' phase, where I frequented thrift stores quite often  and found so many vintage shirts from the 60/70's, the ones with a wide collar, some outrageous print, and made with that weird type of fabric. I bought quite a lot, my friends used to teased me about looking like a 60/70's girl. Today, having accumulated some shirts just reminded me that I have had quite a long affair with them. I have always had a shirt in my wardrobe whether I wear them or not, and they are such an easy thing to wear both casually, or for more formal occasions.
My shirts today have no hint of vintage at all, but each and everyone of them have details that I so love. For example, in spring I got quite obsessed with the men's uniqlo shirt. I love the 3/4 sleeve, the fabric and the cut. From this discovery I have since become obsessed with the men's shirt department at Uniqlo. When I'm near a uniqlo shop I almost always go straight to the men's section and look at what shirts they have in stock. Also, I think the quality is more robust than the ladies shirts. My other shirts are mostly Margaret Howell shirts. I love the cut and the fit, also. The fabric is nothing to rave about, it's simple cotton, but oh so very soft.
I am looking to add a black shirt to this collection. I have been on a look out for quite a while now, but haven't had any luck. I want the same boyfriend cut that the mens shirt have from uniqlo. The ones I have seen so far are too office-y, have stiff fabric, or are too formal. I'll keep looking.

Outfit: 16/9/13

(Uniqlo shirt, MarcbyMarcJacobs shorts, Jil Sander shoes, AlexanderWang bag)

There has been a nice balance of hot and cold temperature in the past 3 days or so, and choosing an outfit hasn't been as much of a challenge. Hence, my beloved shirts are finally getting the opportunity to be worn  again, and with a pair of short, (or skirt), I am able to simultaneously keep myself warm and cool, which is quite important when you are carrying a 10kg baby around :)
(Photo courtesy to my 7years old son)

Anticipating: Autumn

Could it be? Is autumn coming, or is this rain just giving me a false sense of hope? Nevertheless, I am grateful that it has at least, the rain, cooled down the temperature even by just a degree!
However, if it is autumn on its way to Japan, I welcome it with open arms (wish it would stay forever). I am so sick and tired of being cooped up in unnatural air/air-conditioner, and not having the will/motivation to move/do anything from fear of breaking into a sweat! (Thus, the lack of clothing rotation and outfit posts). So, if it is autumn in it's way I am looking forward to finally getting a little bit creative with what I wear. Items I am most looking forward to wearing are blazers/jackets, long sleeve shirts, fine knits, and closed shoes.

Autumn items

Outfit: 26~28/7/13

(LEFT: Zara T, MHLMargaretHowell skorts, Jil Sander shoes. RIGHT: MargaretHowell shirt, Uniqlo jeans, MargaretHowellidea(JP) shoes)

It's been unbearably hot these past couple of weeks or so, and trying not to sweat is impossible. I've just realised that everything that I have will not suffice for this climate! I just want to wear a cami top and short shorts all the time, but I can't get away with such outfit without attracting attention or unwanted stares. So, I have given up on that idea, and just try to wear whatever I can that will prevent me losing so much fluids minus the unwanted attention. The above outfit pretty much sums up what I wear in general. Skort, or skirt with a T, or denim shorts, and almost always with those sandals or other. If I go somewhere cool (i.e. an airconditioned place- shopping centres), I'll cover my legs and wear a T or shirt. 
I just have no motivation or patience to take outfit photos, the moment I am ready to go out I just want to leave because our house is like being in an oven!