I have come to a realisation that I have a stronger appetite for bags than shoes, this is strongly because bags don't need to be fitted on to be worn like shoes. If I had normal size feet rather than a pixie size 4.5, I wouldn't have to compromise, but....Anyhow, these are just a few that I have had no courage to dispose of despite the move from one country to the other.
(Labels: Coach, Paul Smith, Louis Vuitton (yeah,yeah- far too many), Il Bisonte, and Gucci. And yes, they are authentic. I have an averse reaction to fakes-lol.)


  1. oh!
    oh, my god!
    i love these photos!
    and i love bags!
    i followed!
    will you follow back?

  2. Hi. Thanks for dropping by. Yeah, bags are a good replacement for shoes..hehehe.

    Thank you for following, but I don't see you anywhere(?).