Wardrobe 'detox'

Dead fleurette has inspired and motivated me to become a more conscious consumer and to just get back to the basics. In consequence, I have just 'detoxified' my wardrobe! I have to admit, I feel so much lighter and a little less cluttered in my head. That is, I don't feel I need to waste my time anymore on trying to decide what to wear everyday, because all what's left in my wardrobe are the basic essentials. However, there are still some "stuff", that I feel, I need to get my hands on, but I can wait. I'll get some funds together and try to acquire the following in the next year or so, but I will stick to my rule of quality than quantity, timeless pieces and sticking to my favourite labels. The following is my list of "things" I would like to get my hand on in the year or so..Red indicates what I will try to get soon...????

Tank top, Blouse, Jeans
Sweater, Jacket/Blazer, Jeans
Sweater, Loafers, Acne Track boots, Linen jacket, leather jacket, hobo bag
Scarf, Denim blouse, Vest, (Helmut Lang) maxi skirt, Black and white striped top, jewelry/accessory
Jeans and tank top: Acne, Shirt: James and Elizabeth, Scarf: Alexander Macqueen, Shoes: Steven

On another subject....
This is what I would wear today, if I had to go out. Everything I have except (acne) boots :(
Pants and shirt: Acne, Sweater: random, Scarf: market

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