Outfit inspiration

(La vie en rose)

Will be leaving Japan next week. I, unfortunately, haven't taken many pictures of my stay this time, I wish I did, especially of the food I've been eating (yummmm). I also wish I had taken photos of the outfits I've been wearing because I've been able to test my skills in coordinating a limited amount of clothing, which I have never done before, and have pleasantly surprised myself for having the ability to have done so. I now truely appreiciate the inspiration I gained from blogs that I am following, if it weren't for their "education" I would have packed way more than necessary.
Finally, I will be going back to chilly Queensland, it's been wonderful having the warm weather around and I will miss it, but I guess I can wait for another couple of mnths until it reaches Australia.

P.S. Will post some of my purchases once I get back home (to Australia)..Have a nice weekend.

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