New addition: vintage Celine box bag (circa 80)

I've been coveting the Celine box bag since I first laid eyes on it (2 years ago).That's as far as I would ever get because 1. I would never be able to afford it, and 2. I would never spend that amount of money on one bag (unless I was loaded). However, I've recently seen a few bloggers sporting the vintage version of the box bag and was pleasantly surprised that there was a vintage version. So off I went looking for it at my favourite online store here in Japan, and found several of them at less than half priced than what others are selling them for; purchased it and, today it arrived- and in such beautiful condition. There are a few very minor scratches, but overall the quality is perfect- soft leather straps and a sturdier leather for the bag. Definitely a timeless piece.

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