On rotation: 26-1/6/13

In rotation 26-1/6/13

I had this idea that I would plan my outfit using polyvore, which will save me time and brainpower. I would feature one item, e.g. pants, shorts etc. and create outfits using this one item which I will consequently wear for the next week or two (depending on how often I have the chance to go out). But this polyvore pic took so long to assemble that I think I'm just going to give it up! I can't seem to make it look as clean and organised as the ones I often see/follow. I love the idea of polyvore, but I was hoping that I could use it to curate my outfits, which will save me time of having to think about it when I don't have the time. But unfortunately it hasn't happened the way I hoped it would. So for now, I think I will stick to taking photos of myself (which I hate sometimes cause I feel so narcissistic), and having to rely on my brain to create outfits. Or I will group my items of clothing together and take pictures of them (like Girlsack). When I have the time (when the baby's asleep, not cleaning nor cooking), I do like to do something I enjoy, unfortunately most things I enjoy doing consist of being outdoors, which isn't possible in my case. So I am confined to indoor activities which kind of limits me to blogging, reading, surfing the net, watching movies, or when I have the will power and energy taking pictures of my clothing, curating outfits etc..So yesterday was my attempt (yet again), at curating an outfit from my wardrobe using polyvore, but I feel that I failed that (again..), so today or when next I am free, I will try the Girlsack method of taking pictures of my outfit laid out on a flat surface.
 The babe's crying!!!

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