In times of plenty

I had such a hard time falling asleep last night! That will be the last time I'll eat something with coffee in it. Anyhow, whilst trying to stop my brain from turning, I was thinking about my wardrobe, and my clothes therein. I actually have two wardrobes, one here in Japan, and one in Australia. I left many things that I thought could be replaced when I move back here, but unfortunately with our debts and living on a single income this has prevented me from doing so. As I was saying, last night got me reminiscing about the time when I had plenty to spare, the time before children and the time that I was so busy working that I could reap the benefits of hard work with compulsive shopping. Looking back I wish I wasn't so wasteful, and I wished I spent my money on better things than clothes, shoes, bags, cosmetics etc. I wished my husband and I gave ourselves the time off from work to really travel before we had any children. Today, with two kids, and on one income I don't know when that is going to happen! On the other hand, I am somewhat grateful that I was a compulsive/careless shopper because I still have so many of the things I bought. I had never had the heart to cull what I've purchased, particularly designer/quality items. Looking at many of the things I have from my past spending adventures, I don't think I would have the nerve to have spent so much on a shirt, or a bag or shoes!! I guess being careless does pay off sometimes.

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