My name is J.A and I'm a shopaholic!

I have to stop!! What is wrong with me. I seriously need to stop!!! I've tried so hard not to buy anything, but I can't seem to help myself. It is definitely a habit that needs to stop! Before it wasn't such a problem, but now living on a single income makes it into a very big one. I have told myself time and time again- "I don't need it." Yet, this doesn't seem to work all the time. I thought shopping at second hand stores would quench my appetite, but alas it seems to feed into it more. Furthermore, the sales have began which is putting me even more at risk of spending money on things that I think "I need". Somebody stop me!!!
So in that note, I went on a small spree at bookoff, and bought myself some really great stuff, which I am so happy about, yet feel completely useless because I gave in into my urge. I will post a photo tomorrow.

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