On rotation: 16~22/6/13

(Jil Sander sandals, LautreChose flats, Helmut Lang trousers, TbyA.Wang tank, Jeanasis(JP) organic cotton T, leather belt, and random (DIY) cut off shorts)

Grey is such a versatile colour. It's one of my staple colours because you can wear it in any season, and it looks good with basically most colours (the colours I have in my closet anyway). I was culling yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised when I found the organic cotton T. I thought brilliant! Grey is such a cool colour, so approriate for the current climate we are having in Japan. I also found my old Helmut Lang trousers, and the colours were so harmonious and cool together that I was so greatful that I was inspired to cull my closet. Hence, my outfit for the upcoming week or so.

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