Mind chatter: Busted

As predicted, I did get into a whole lot of trouble. I kept my mouth shout, however, partly because I was guilty, partly because I had no energy to yell, fight and I've lost my passion for arguing because I don't care anymore. But, mostly because I didn't want WW3 to erupt in front of the baby (which can get very noisy when it does).
I have mixed feelings about these shoes. They looked so good on the website, but in reality they could be better. For one, the sizes are not perfect. The pumps are a long narrow make, so I have to put an insole on the smaller side of my feet. The sandals are a half size bigger, which makes the strap look a little loose, and when adjusted to the next notch they are tight. Also, the colour and the patent finish aren't exactly what I had hoped/expected. I am still undecided on whether to return them both or not, my options to exchange them for something else are limited. My second choice of sandals have already sold out in my size, and my other option for pumps are patent finish, which I don't need because I already have. So, I think I may have to keep  both of them. The last pair of shoes I got from MargaretHowell idea where a very simple, minimalistic sandals that have lasted me for almost 9 years (the soles inner foot soles have already cracked), that's why I thought of purchasing some more from this line because of the longevity I have had with my previous pair. I just hope these ones will last just as long. I don't think I will be returning them, just wishful thinking. I'm just too lazy, plus there is the language barrier that makes it even more troublesome.

Here are the sandals I mentioned. I wish I bought two pairs- I love them so much, they are so comfortable, and they have been with me everywhere, and they are so strong (but the inner sole cracked cause I told mum to wash them :).

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