New addition: Thrifted gems

Here are some clothes that I've purchased from the local flea market, and second had store from this, and last, month. The weather has been quite erratic, and so I have not had the chance to wear any of them. I am so looking forward to, though. My favourite would have to be the shirt. Once the weather heats up, I am thinking of pairing them with the polka dot shorts, or maybe with something else- there are countless combinations. Can't wait.
Since, I got busted for purchasing two pairs of shoes, I made a promise to other one that I would not purchase or spend anything on frivolous things (i.e clothing, shoes etc). In other words, I am banned from shopping. I don't mind this at all, I think I am content with what's in my wardrobe, and am looking forward to  wearing what I already have. I just need to keep away from blogs that (unintentionally) stimulate/influence  (my)the need to purchase or shop.

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