On rotation: 3~10/7/13

(A.P.C shorts, thrifted tops, Diana and MargaretHowell-idea(JP) shoes, leather trimmed Dakota(JP) bag, and uniqlo pants)

Just managed to squeeze this photo whilst the babe was fussing around trying to put herself to sleep (which after almost two hours, she failed to do). I forgot to add my beige ballet flats in there, as seen on previous outfit post. The weather is quite strange at the moment- it's sunny then rainy. Two nights ago I got woken up by a very loud and scary thunderstorm, I quite dislike them, particularly loud, the-earth's-about-to-crack-in-half kind of noise. Luckily, the babe and boy didn't get woken up. 
I'm looking forward to a sunny day so I can have the excuse to wear the shorts, sleeveless top, yellow sandals and bag combination.  

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