Recaptulating: Summer sales

(APC top, Zara leather jacket, Vanessa Bruno chinos, MargaretHowell idea (JP) shoes)

I'm quite satisfied with my sales purchases. It's not what I had listed, but definitely a good addition to my wardrobe, and they are, I think, quite good staples that will last for many years. Although, these aren't the only new items in my wardrobe, as previously seen, I've also got some pre-loved clothing. 
As mentioned, we are in quite a tight budget, so I have been quenching my thirst for shopping with bookoff and the flea market. I've gotten back into the old habit of shopping/spending to relieve stress, only this time I don't quite have the same amount to budget as in the previous years, so in order to combat this I have been a frequenting the places mentioned above. Suffice to say though, I think I am quite content with my wardrobe addition...maybe (until I need to let off steam), so I think I'll TRY not to scratch an itch when I feel the need for clothes...TRY!

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