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I have seen quite a lot of lovely shirt photos on blogs/tumblers which have inspired me to do one of my own. The shirt contents in my closet have grown quite a lot in the past two years or so, mainly due to the influences of bloggers I follow, and my decision to streamline my style by keeping it more simple. I have always had a thing for shirts, I remember back in highschool I went through the 'grungy' and 'hippy' phase, where I frequented thrift stores quite often  and found so many vintage shirts from the 60/70's, the ones with a wide collar, some outrageous print, and made with that weird type of fabric. I bought quite a lot, my friends used to teased me about looking like a 60/70's girl. Today, having accumulated some shirts just reminded me that I have had quite a long affair with them. I have always had a shirt in my wardrobe whether I wear them or not, and they are such an easy thing to wear both casually, or for more formal occasions.
My shirts today have no hint of vintage at all, but each and everyone of them have details that I so love. For example, in spring I got quite obsessed with the men's uniqlo shirt. I love the 3/4 sleeve, the fabric and the cut. From this discovery I have since become obsessed with the men's shirt department at Uniqlo. When I'm near a uniqlo shop I almost always go straight to the men's section and look at what shirts they have in stock. Also, I think the quality is more robust than the ladies shirts. My other shirts are mostly Margaret Howell shirts. I love the cut and the fit, also. The fabric is nothing to rave about, it's simple cotton, but oh so very soft.
I am looking to add a black shirt to this collection. I have been on a look out for quite a while now, but haven't had any luck. I want the same boyfriend cut that the mens shirt have from uniqlo. The ones I have seen so far are too office-y, have stiff fabric, or are too formal. I'll keep looking.

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