Wardrobe building: Autumn/Winter capsule wardrobe

I find myself having less and less time to consider what to wear when I go out, and because of this I have become unmotivated when it comes to creating an outfit, which consequently makes me feel lazy and lazier about dressing. In addition, I have found myself wanting to purchase more and more (fast fashion and thrifted) clothing because of the annoying-nagging feeling I have of "having nothing to wear", which I know to be contrary. I don't want to have this feeling of wanting more because I "have nothing to wear", I want to utilise all the contents in my wardrobe, and minimise/quench my need to buy something and waste money on something I deem redundant in the future. I want to save what I spend on fast fashion on something that I trully appreciate and will last me a long time. Thanks to Annuchka from intomind, and her posts on wardrobe building/structure I was able to curate and organise my wardrobe using her methods, and now I feel satisfied that I will be able to utilise and be more appreciative of the current contents in my wardrobe, minus the nagging feeling of having nothing to wear, or the need to purchase in order to feel an imaginative gap.

Here are the steps that I used from intomind to build and define my style for the current and upcoming season. I was able to achieve this by reading her posts on: Colour analysis part 1: finding your typeBuilding a capsule wardrobe 101, Method dressing, and Building a wardrobe of basic and statement pieces.

For the upcoming season I concluded that the following  factors are what I need to consider when creating my own style, or curating an outfit.
Colours: Deep, cool tones from the colour me beautiful theory based on the colours from the four seasons (previous post).
Concept: Simple, minimal, edgy, layered, slightly masculine
Uniform/Signature look:  shirts, tops, light knits, blazers/Jackets, leather jacket, skinny jeans/pants, brogues, ankle boots (Adding up to 20-30 pieces)

Defining my personal style
Cull items that do not fit into the following approach
Modular approach: 
- Curate items of clothing that have similar style
- Every top should go with every bottom
- Consistent colour scheme in each wardrobe category
- Harmonious shades, textures and patterns (etc.)
Uniform approach (signature look):
- Have several versions of the same item
- One specific proportion of two or more items

Dividing my items into categories
Basic items:
- Jeans/Pants
-Long sleeve shirts
-Plain tops
-Plain cotton mid-length shorts
-Plain cotton, and light knit cardigans
Mid-range items
-Button down shirts
-Cigarette pants/trousers
-Printed Ts
Statement pieces
- Silk shirts
- Dresses
- Dress pants
- Accessories: bags, shoes, belts and jewelry.

This exercise has really helped me organise my wardrobe (and my mind), and I am now looking forward to reorganising my clothes. I'm going to always refer to this process for each season to assist me in being consistent with my style (+ lifestyle), and to avoid that nagging feeling of nothing to wear (that results in more spending), and to keep the contents of my wardrobe to a minimal. Thank you intomind.

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