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It's been awhile since my last written entry, and I must say a lot has happened since then. I came to Australia for my holiday/rest and it's lifted my spirit. I'm so glad that I chose to spend winter away from Japan because I know it would have made my state of mind, and my mood a lot worse. Being in a hot/warm climate, being with friends and family has really improved my health and sanity! In consequence though,  I had to leave my son in Japan (with his father), which has been very difficult for me, but more so for him. However, the time has flown by so quickly (2mnths have gone by already), and I will see him again next week!!Yey! I am happy to have my little family together again, and somewhat glad to have a little support back. My stay hasn't been completely stress free, the situation with my parents have been quite frustrating, so I am looking forward to their arrival. Although, their arrival will mark my final month here in Australia then back home to Japan again, and to be honest, I am not looking forward to going back. Australia is my home, and if there was a way to stay here permanently I would in a heart beat, unfortunately it's not possible at this present. I'll just have to be patient and put my trust in God, and wait out the time. I will cherish the memory of having spent 3mnths here with my baby girl, she has grown and learnt so much which has amazed and amused me endlessly. I have purchased so many cute clothes for her-LOL. It's so much more exciting (cuter), than buying boys clothes!! As for me,I haven't bought so much since I've been back here- 2 pairs of shoes, some items of clothing, and some good finds from the op shop. I always try to document my purchases so here are some, (the rest I will do in Japan, when I feel motivated :P)

Sales find
(Current/Elliot pants, Steven Alan shirt, APC shirt, Leather loafers and sandals)

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