I am beat! Last night I couldn't get to sleep because I was too anxious about everything, and was too exhausted to relax. And whilst I was lying in bed being paranoid about my baby daughter waking up, I was thinking about love. Love in both negative and positive light. For example, it blinds you in a way that you are unable to see the consequences, or that it completely changes your perspective. It blinds you from what is obvious to everyone else but you, and consequently suffer for such blunder. On the other hand, there is a love that keeps you going, motivates you to do better, encourages to fight on and to never give up. It's heart wrenching, to die for kind of love, and without it nothing would be achieved. These are the kinds of love I am at this moment feeling and experiencing. Without the latter type of love I would never be where I am, or I would never be the type of person that I am. Who do I thank for this mostly? My children. They have taught me so much- but most of all they have to taught me the real meaning of unconditional love.