Wardrobe update

Haven't really had the chance for self-indulgement, i.e. time to procrastinate over things that I find fun. Like talking about clothes and stuff I have acquired over the past few months- I mean they're not so important so I say they're fun cause they don't cause me to stress or to get too anxious. I don't have pictures of what I have purchased cause let's face it being a mother of two leaves you very little time to do anything for yourself. Anyhow back to the '"fun" stuff. I have been coveting for a grey cardigan for a long while now, in light wool, and I didn't have the budget for anything fancy, so when I walked into mujii and accidentally found one close to perfect in the men's section, on sale, I snatched it up right away. What made me even happier was the fact that it is 90% wool and 10% silk! BARGAIN. I've also been raiding Uniqlo quite a bit because some of the stuff they have there have been surprisingly good. I've also bought a couple high-waisted trousers from a Japanese brand store, which was also on sale, the fit and quality are also good. I will hopefully someday get a decent outfit photo up, but for now words will have to do, (plus I don't like my post-partum body, and the circles around my eyes from the lack of sleep due to the babe). Well, here's the closest thing to a full body shot

Finally, I am wishing for new jeans, shoes, and a decent dress for this spring/summer.