Outfit: 1/5/13. Am I really...???

(Denim shirt and scarf: Witchery (AU), leather belt, Pants: Lepsim (JP))

My sister in-law is one of the nicest person I know. It was her birthday today, which I almost forgot! What's ironic is that we share the same birth month. So I was kinda shock that it was her birthday cause it just reminded me how fast the time has flown, and how it's going to be my turn next, which I completely forgot. I think once you turn 30 it's kinda easy to lose track of your age, and even to remember that ones birthday is near. Or, is it just me?!! Since turning 30 I have had to be reminded, or someone mentions that it's that time of the year again. I'm not sure if my forgetfulness is/was due to events of my life (studying, and being pregnant), or current events (taking care of a baby/being a full time mum), or I just don't want to be reminded that I am ageing yet again (cause it sure doesn't feel like it in here!), OR I just don't like the idea of getting older. I think maybe all of the above. I wouldn't believe that I am in my 30's, but unfortunately aches, pains, and the slowing down of metabolism is sort of reminding me that I am, and that I am no longer that waif-thin 20 something year old girl :( .
Seriously, I'm finding it difficult to fathom that I am ageing, I'm kinda scared!!! But, I will put on a brave face, soldier on because my children have made my life and my future worth living.

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