Outfit: 18/5/13

(Shirt: Uniqlo, Shorts: Parigot (JP), Shoes: Diana)

As I was trying to get some Zs (but failed), I was thinking of the high school students that I teach English (ESL) to. Last lesson I found out a little about their dreams and aspirations, and one student in particular stated that she wanted to be a cultural, or maybe a cultured person because she enjoys meeting people from different culture. This reminiscing subsequently led to me reflecting about my own personal life and experiences. I wasn't born and bred in Australia, I was born in the Philippines, bred in Australia and now living in Japan. By some accident or destiny I am an example of a person who is living life multiculturally. For a long time I never embraced my Filipino side, because I wanted to fit in, be part of the majority. I didn't want to be seen as different, or act different, but in my ignorance it took me a long time to realise that this is inevitable. People did/will right away see me as different because of my physical appearance and characteristics. I didn't realise until I went to university that it was ok to be me, and to have those kinds of feelings. These past conflicting feelings were mainly the result to covert pressure by people close to me (and those around me),to assimilate in order to be socially accepted by vast majority, or society in general.
Now, that I have embraced my "differentness", I feel liberated and more accepting/respectful of people from diverse backgrounds. I also feel more confident, you either like me for who/what I am,  without expectations no assumptions/presumptuousness nor stereotyping, get to know me first or just move on and save yours and my time.

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