Cravings and thrift stores

I have so many cravings at the moment (strappy leather sandals, printed culottes, statement necklace etc..), but unfortunately I am broke!! Every time summer/warmer weather comes around I seem to get itchy palms- I just want to buy everything (or I think I need to). Being an Australian, I love the warm climate and it always excites me because it seems to get my motivation, to do something (unfortunately mostly shopping), in gear.

OK. I just got back from going thrift shopping at my fav. store. I love second hand stores for so many reasons, most importantly it's the price, but other than that it's also because I feel that I am contributing to some form of recycling. If more people were to purchase clothing etc. from second hand stores there would be less waste, and less demand for production of disposable clothing. I also feel that (particularly here in Japan), a lot of the clothing are still wearable/relevant, for example I found some floral culottes that I've been craving for, and they're in very good condition. I think the thrift stores here are much better than in Australia, although  I like the prices in Australia better. The prices here are not as low as I'd hoped for, but I don't mind paying because the prices do reflect the conditions they are in. I wish I have more time to really have a browse, but today I knew what I needed/wanted so it wasn't as stressful (time is always limited when having kids around).  I am most happy about my tea set find, it is so beautiful with cherry blossoms on the outside (I will take a photo sometime), and I am happy with my culottes. Ok. time for bed. Can't focus anymore.

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