On rotation: 3-9/6/2013

(Thrifted culottes, vintage shirt, Acne shirt, Uniqlo jeans, Shoes- Diana(JP) and L'autreChose, Celine vintage box bag).

This will be on rotation for the next week or so. It's supposedly the rainy season here in Japan, but so far we've only had a few days of rain. With this in mind, I constructed this attire to cater for both the wet and hot days we are currently experiencing. So when it is rainy, and a little cool, I will wear jeans and the polka dot shirt with the black patent shoes. And when the temperature rises I will wear my culottes, the T and ballet shoes.
I love the quality of these culottes. They're made of rayon, and the touch is so cool and soft. They're tight but I so love almost everything about them. The length, the print, the colour and the small belt detail (disguises my stomach fat :))..Unfortunately, after taking this pic. I found out that the seams on the culottes have fallen apart. So, I'll have to rethink what I am going to wear when the weather is hot.

(P.S. This took less time than polyvore, I had fun creating it, and it looks much better.)

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