Cups n saucers

I've officially started my collection of cup and saucers. I have been wanting to start collecting cups and saucers for a few months now but never had a chance to because I could never find anything appealing. I don't want to collect them in identical sets, I want to have single pairs in random (pretty) designs, so I find that in order to achieve this (without breaking the bank), would be to scour second hand stores, antique stores, or flea market (or of course buy them new). I have been doing this for quite a while now but never could find anything pretty in just one set. However, yesterday I got lucky with two finds, just shows that patience does pay off. I have not had the urge to collect anything since childhood, and now that I want to start collecting something makes me feel girlish, but because it's cup and saucers I feel more like a middle-age granny-lol! Anyhow, I feel completely excited with this new prospect. I hope to achieve something similar to below.

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