Hair-pulling frustration

I am fuming, tired and need more sleep!! No wonder I go on shopping sprees just to vent out and be vengeful!! I am, yet again, miserable because of the circumstances I find myself in (again). If I could only turn back time, but wishful thinking is just wasteful. I should say if I could just escape and be done being in this situation, without having any repercussions then I would be so happy. But as it is, that is impossible.  I so want to be set free, and just go home, I should have accepted what did happen from the past instead of fighting for it, or believing in it. I have had it. I hate everything in my life at the moment! I can not see the light at the end of this tunnel, and I've been hoping that I would but it's just not bright enough or it just faded. I have had it. I dislike the way I am, I don't enjoy being in this state of mind, and I don't like being bitter and having that bitterness reflected on my behaviour, and on my face!!! (NO. I am not talking about ending life here, just ending a relationship!!)

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