In the mood

Into mind has inspired/got me into the mood of wanting to cull my closet again. Last time I culled my closet I thought I did a pretty good job, but I have acquired a few more items of clothing that I think I need to get rid of, and also some I should of culled in the first place. This cull-time around, I hope I'll be able to truly  part with some items which I could never part for some excuse at the first culling, and have never even had the chance to wear either. Also, I want to cull in anticipation of the upcoming sales. As mentioned before I am broke, so the only time I can truly buy timeless quality items would be during the sales (if even), we shall see. I've been inspired by many blogs that promote simplicity and quality in wardrobe building, as such I am/have been trying to do the same thing. At the moment I want to add a pair of khaki green chinos, a black skirt, a wide highwaisted/palazzo pants, white sleeveless shirt, and I need a new pair of leather sandals, or pumps.

Some items that I will be culling and, hopefully, selling on ebay in the future:
(From top left to right: Acne, TbyAlexanderWang tank top, Acne T, PualCecin(JP) top, Zara linen tank top, JillStuart top, Cue(AU) linen top, PaulSmith shirt, Zara vest, MarcbyMJ tank top, PualCecin dress, Asos dress.)

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