New addition: cup and saucer

The flea market nearby was open today, so as usual my son and I went to hunt for bargains (my son loves it too- he likes looking for toys, books or cards). Unlike two weeks ago, today I found many things that I was quite happy about. I found some clothes for my baby girl, I got myself a blue cotton tank top/dress, and palazzo/wide leg rayon pants which are just perfect for what I'm looking for. But, what I'm most happy about is my cup and saucer find. I convinced the elderly lady who was selling them, in my broken Japanese, if I could just purchase the one cup and saucer out of the whole set. At first she didn't seem happy about it, she went on about it being an expensive set and something else in Japanese, but in the end she was kind enough to say yes. I was so happy, and grateful that I felt that I had to indulge her with her little chit chat (mostly me just saying yes in Japanese, and her asking the questions). She was so nice, and I am so happy that she sold this to me, another addition to my slow, yet growing collection. Good day at the market today. 

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