On rotation: 9-16/613 Keep it cool, blue.

(Uniqlo, mens 3/4 chambray shirt, Shuca shorts (JP), Witchery denim shirt (AU), Natural laundry gauze sleeveless shirt (JP), Zara linen pants, Jil Sander sandals, Tsumori Chisato flats,  and Celine vintage box bag.)

The temperature is rising here in Japan. It's been so hot the past few days that all I want to wear are shorts and sleeveless shirts, unfortunately I have to forego my wishes because this society I currently am living in seem to look down on having too many parts of your body revealed in public. Unlike Australia, Japan is more conservative when it comes to personal attire. In Australia, in the other hand, it's a norm to be wearing 'singlets' and shorts almost anywhere (for girls anyway). Yesterday, when I had to go to work, I so wanted to wear the denim shorts along with the short sleeve shirt, but of course work etiquette prevented me from doing so. However, I did manage to stay cool with just pairing the top with the linen pants, and wrapping my neck/shoulders with a light linen shawl (not pictured). 
Speaking of keeping cool, I am currently in search for another sleeveless top. I have had the one above for so many years (6-7 years), I love everything about this top. This label/company produces very good quality clothing, hence the longevity. I constantly revert to this top every summer due to its lightweight gauze fabric, and its simple design. However, I don't want to run the chance of ruining it because of constant use, so I've been keeping my eyes open/looking for something to rotate it with. The one that I like the most so far is this (below) Margaret Howell top, it's simple, affordable and made of cotton. When pay day comes around...


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