Wardrobe colours

I've been reading some of intomind's approach to wardrobe building. She's written so much on building your own personal, simple/minimalistic style, which I unfortunately haven't had the chance/time to read all. But, today I did manage to squeeze in the time to read her post 'Wardrobe essentials: how to build a solid foundation of basics'. She writes about creating your own personal colour palette to build key and basic pieces. It's a very interesting read. In consequence, I reflected on  the colours I have in my wardrobe and am quite pleased with what I have. Below are the colours that currently dominate my wardrobe. I created this palette in order to refer to it for any future purchases, as well as to prevent me from deviating (from mistakes), to colours that may not "fit" the palette.

(White, beige/nude, mustard, gray and black)

(Skyblue, light green, olive/army green, maroon, and navy/blue)

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