(Knit: Macphee (JP), Jeans: Uniqlo, Shoes: Regal (JP), Shawl: Witchery)

I thought it would have been nice to go for a stroll in a Japanese/botanical garden, however when we did finally make it to the garden the rain came 30 minutes after our arrival!! I so wanted my little bub to enjoy looking at some flowers, and for my little boy to breath in some fresh air. Despite the rain, with the storm, we did manage to have a little walk before it poured down, and after much protest from my son about how boring it would be in the garden, he didn't want to leave when the rain came because he was having too much fun feeding the (gross looking) carp. In the end, after navigating a whiny/fidgety boy in the rain with an umbrella and pushing a pram through precarious rocky footpaths and bridges, we managed to leave in better spirits (than when we arrived-I was whiny cause we arrived too late). I had an enjoyable alone time with my son, and we didn't get too wet from the storm (particularly the bub). So we're planning another visit again, who knows when though, last time I went was when I first came to Japan some 7-8 years ago (this might be because I live so close by)!!

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