My clothes: 'tis that time of the season (maybe?)

The weather has been really strange here of late. Just as I was getting my hopes up about the season becoming much warmer, the following day it's freezing again. What's worst is that I already packed up all blankets as well as winter/spring clothing (and the heater) ironic!!. So for a few nights I had no sleep cause I was so tense from being curled up in a ball to keep myself warm.. Always happens to me. I'm such a sucker for sunny days, when I see/feel that the day is warm I straight away presume that it's the start of the warmer season (obviously not from Japan). Anyhow, today has been warm again (and tonight). I am hoping that this time it'll truly stay, no chop and changing from hot to cold. I am so looking forward to summer!! It feels like I've missed out on summer 2 years in a row, but I didn't really. I was just pregnant and had severe morning sickness last summer, and prior to that I was too busy finishing school to really enjoy it!! This year I have my little babe, so back to being "normal", I guess. I'm looking forward to wearing my summer clothes which I have missed so much because last year my belly was too big to fit into anything. I'm particularly looking forward to wearing shorts!! Soo glad that I can/will still be able to fit into my shorts!!!

(Just some that I own. From top left: Parigot (JP), MarcbyMarcJacobs, APC, etoilleIsabelMarant, Margaret Howell)

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