Outfit: 26~28/7/13

(LEFT: Zara T, MHLMargaretHowell skorts, Jil Sander shoes. RIGHT: MargaretHowell shirt, Uniqlo jeans, MargaretHowellidea(JP) shoes)

It's been unbearably hot these past couple of weeks or so, and trying not to sweat is impossible. I've just realised that everything that I have will not suffice for this climate! I just want to wear a cami top and short shorts all the time, but I can't get away with such outfit without attracting attention or unwanted stares. So, I have given up on that idea, and just try to wear whatever I can that will prevent me losing so much fluids minus the unwanted attention. The above outfit pretty much sums up what I wear in general. Skort, or skirt with a T, or denim shorts, and almost always with those sandals or other. If I go somewhere cool (i.e. an airconditioned place- shopping centres), I'll cover my legs and wear a T or shirt. 
I just have no motivation or patience to take outfit photos, the moment I am ready to go out I just want to leave because our house is like being in an oven!    

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