Outfit: 19/7/13

(Thrifted skirt and tank top, StandardJournal(JP) shirt)

I haven't had the time nor the motivation to do an 'On rotation' post due the babe, but mostly because of the heat we're experiencing here. Living on the top floor (of a second story building), is no fun at all! It gets very hot during the day, and staying immobile is something I prefer to do (hence the lack of posts). So in doing this, I have shifted my attention to watching movies rather than moving about and sweating buckets. 
I will try to do an 'on rotation' posts (hopefully) soon, because I do quite enjoy constructing them. It helps divert my attention onto something else other than what's really bothering me. Just wished that this heat would simmer down for a couple of days at least! (Or bigger windows in this home!) 

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